Practical - Elegant - Modern

The PETIT KIT was born out of the practical, elegant, pregnant woman’s desire for style, versatility and comfort, without compromising quality and looks.

We believe that the four pieces in the PETIT KIT can be a starting point for sophisticated and comfortable looks, when combined with your new and existing wardrobe. We want all moms to be comfortable and stylish, with a great fit and feel, either at home, at work or at a night out.


Ultra Soft- Velvety Smooth - Luxurious Fabric

When searching for the PETIT KIT’s fabric, we did not compromise, committing to a premium, ultra soft, sustainable Modal fabric. The Lenzing's TENCEL™ Modal fiber used in this blend can be discerned instantly: Soft to the skin, smooth to the touch, luxurious in shine and flow. 

TENCEL™ Modal fiber produced by Eco Color Technology implement the process where color pigments are deeply embedded into Modal fibers. This eco-responsible technology offers a long-lasting retention of dye. In our case a long lasting rich black color.


Sustainable Clothing

Fashion can be enjoyed with a clear conscience.

TENCEL™ Modal fibers are mainly manufactured from beech wood, harvested from certified and controlled forests in Austria and neighboring countries, following the strongest guidelines of the Lenzing Wood and Pulp Policy.

TENCEL™ Modal fibers produced by Eco Color Technology provide efficient ecological advantages, substituting for the resource-intensive conventional dying process.

All TENCEL™ standard Modal fiber types have been certified as biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil, fresh water and marine conditions, thus they can fully revert back to nature.

TENCEL™ Modal fibers have earned United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) BioPreferred® designation.

Find out more: www.tencel.com


100% Biodegradable Package

Our entire process is aimed to have the smallest possible environmental impact. Like most, we abhor getting plastic filled oversize packages through the mail, so, when starting this new company we decided that packaging was going to be one of our top priorities.

We started the task with the primary objective of not using plastic on our shipping supplies, and we ended up with a 100% biodegradable package with the development of our Sustainable Fashionable Presentation Box.